XEN Mepco Multan Telephone Number

XEN Mepco Multan Telephone Number

Mepco is under Power division of Hydro Generation of Distribution Company. XEN Mepco Multan and All XEN Telephone numbers are here. ONLINEBILLEXPERT.COM provides free content of viewers more Mepco Bill information. Mepco has a large distribution in South Punjab, with eight circles of network. The customer found the Xen Mepco Multan Telephone number. More XEN Mepco Bahawalpur? Yes, the telephone number is here.

XEN Mepco Multan Telephone Number
XEN Mepco Multan Telephone Number

XEN Mepco Multan and All Area XEN List:

telephone number for XEN Mepco Multan is available in the Multan division. Mepco under 8-circle distribution area are cover in All XEN Telephone numbers.

XEN Mepco Multan | GSO Circle Multan:

Name = Sajjid Mahmood

Designation = XEN (SS&T) Division Multan

Telephone Number = 03028311209

Name = Yasir Farooq Buzdar

Designation = XEN (SS&T) Division D.G.Khan

Telephone Number = 03028311627

Name = Naiz Ahmed

Designation = XEN (SS&T) Division RYK

Telephone Number = 03028312057

Name = Ashraf Mahmood

Designation = XEN (SS&T) M/ Garh

Telephone Number = 03028312264

Name = M. Azhar Iqbal

Designation = XEN P&L Division Multan

Telephone Number = 03028312551

GSO Circle Sahiwal:

Name = Abdul Waheed Sheikh

Designation = XEN (SS&T) Division Vehari

Telephone Number = 03028290664

Name = Sayad Saiful Islam Rizvi

Designation = XEN (SS&T) Division Office Sahiwal

Telephone Number = 03028291365

XEN Mepco Multan | Circle Multan:

Name = Muhammed Arif

Designation = XEN GC Division Multan

Telephone Number = 03028314241

Name = Khalid Mahmood Ismail

Designation = XEN T&L GC Division Multan

Telephone Number = 03028314983

Name = Muhammed Arif

Designation = XEN Civil Division GSC

Telephone Number = 03028315240

Project Construction Directorate:

Name = Abdul Aziz

Designation = XEN R&RE Division Rahim Yar Khan

Telephone Number = 03028263412

Name = Faisal Zafar

Designation = XEN R&RE Division Sahiwal

Telephone Number = 03028263450

Name = Hamid Raza

Designation = XEN R&RE Division Khanewal

Telephone Number = 03028263453

Name = Abdul Hafeez Bhatti

Designation = XEN R&RE Division Bahawalnagar

Telephone Number = 03028263464

Name = Muhsin Nazir S/O Mussa Khan

Designation = XEN R&RE Division Vehari

Telephone Number = 03028263470

Name = Subhan Ali Somroo S/O Peer Bux

Designation = XEN R&RE Division Bahwalpur

Telephone Number = 03028263576

Name = Mumtaz Ali Solangi

Designation = XEN R&RE Division Muzaffargarh

Telephone Number = 03028263577

Name = Muhammad Ali Yasir

Designation = XEN R&RE Division Multan

Telephone Number = 03028363581

Name = Malik Imran Majeed

Designation = XEN R&RE Division D.G.Khan

Telephone Number = 03028263582

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