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Pesco Online Bill 2024 – Check Latest Bills Fast

We at the information of Mepco Bill. The Pesco Online Bill 2024 – Check Latest Bills Fast, is Peshawar Electric Supply Company. The work as public utility Pesco bill under control a Government of Pakistan. The Pesco Headquarter Wapda House Peshawar. They manage and control Water and Power authority, Ministry of energy (Power Division).

Pesco Online Bill
Pesco Online Bill

Pesco Online Bill:

The Pesco Online Bill Check Click the Button and visit to Pesco Official website.

Enter your Pesco Bill Check 14 digit of Reference number.

Click the Search Button. Show of your Pesco Duplicate Bill.

Pesco About:

The Pesco Peshawer is Electricity Supply Company. The Company as Public Utility Bills provide electricity. The Control a Ministry of Power and Energy Sources. Pesco Create a 22 March 1998, 25 Years ago. The Headquarter Wapda House Peshawar. The Property of Government of Pakistan. The CEO of Pesco Mr. Arif Mahmood Sadozai.

Pesco Circles:

The Pesco Company under working Province of 09 Tribal Areas.

  1. Bannu Circle
  2. DI Circle
  3. Khyber Circle
  4. Mardan Circle
  5. Peshawer Circle
  6. Sawabi Circle
  7. Swat Circle
  8. Hazara 1 Circle
  9. Hazara 2 Circle

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How to Check Pesco Bill Online:

The Visit

The Pesco Bill Online Check Enter you 14 Digit Reference Number.

Click the search Button. Your Pesco Web Bill Duplicate Download.

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Pesco Peek Hours:

The Pesco Peek Hours is electricity consumption down and your electricity bill is down. The Peek Hours Load is up to try continuity electricity providing in our areas.

  1. April To October 6:30pm to 10:30pm
  2. November To March 6pm to 10pm

Pesco Bill in Taxes:

The Pesco Bil in Taxes Mostly Common Taxes in consumer Bill show.

FPA: The FPA is Fuel Price Adjustment of Pesco Bill will be show of Fuel Price in Crude oil rates up and down reasons.

TR Surcharge: The TR Surcharge is Tariff Surcharge. The NAPRA and Government Taxes of Tariff Surcharge.

FC Surcharge: The FC Means Financing Cost of Electricity 43 Paisa per Unit charge.

Deferred Amount: The bill will be pay as last date will be bill show payment. The Bill last date over bill not be paid, Some Due date bill will more charge is Deferred Amount.

QTR Tariff Adjustment/ DMC : The QTR Tariff Adjustment your bill will some missing Tariff Adjustment to after 3 month later your payment will show.

Bill Payment : The pesco bill payment is easy. If you have near in city areas well as good, you have visit any Banks, Governments and Private commercial banks to pay your Pesco bill in bank. The more oppositions in near Easy Paisa ,and Jazz Cash Retailer Shop. The bill pay in retailer shops. The more Pakistan Check Post office bill will be paid.

If you have no near city , no problem you near your easy paisa and Jazz Cash shop and bill will be paid.

Complaint Registration : The Pesco consumer complaint registration system is here. Complaint is online in desktop and mobile.

New Connection:

The Pesco Connection type of different category in will show off.

  1. Load type of (0 to 15KW)
  2. Load type of (15kw to 70KW)
  3. Load type of (70KW to 500KW)
  4. Load type of (500KW to 5000KW)
  5. All Load 66KW and above


The Pesco Online Bill Check 2024 Download Duplicate Copy of the information of . The more information of Pesco About, Pesco Circles, How to Check Pesco Bill Online, Pesco Peek Hours, Pesco Bill in Taxes, New Connection, Pesco Faqs.


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