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We at Onlinebillexpert.com the information of Mepco Bill. A Hesco Online Bill 2024 – Check Latest Bills Fast, is Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. Hesco is Public Utility Bill Manage Company. The company Headquarter in Hyderabad, Pakistan. The company founded 23 April 1998. The Property in Government of Pakistan and CEO Muzaffar Abbasi.

Hesco Online Bill:

Hesco Online Bill Check
Hesco Online Bill Check

A Hesco Online Bill is click the Button. The Visit Official sources of Hesco Bill. Hesco is Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. The Foundation of Hesco in 23 April 1998. The CEO of Muzaffar Abbasi and Property of Government of Pakistan. The working as Public Utility bills management system. Hesco under License of NEPRA government of Pakistan.

Hesco Online Bill Download and Print
Hesco Online Bill Download and Print

The Online Bill information with details share.

Click the Link Button and visit the Officials bill site.

The Enter Correct 14 digits Reference Number. No dot and no space required.

Enter Search Button . Some wait your latest bill will finding and will be show off.

If your Need of bill will download and print it.

Hesco Circles:

Hesco area of electricity provide in 1178412 consumer are connected. The Hesco has Sindh Provision 4 Operation in administratively divided in 12 districts, 15 Operation division, 69 operation Sub-division along with 6 construction division. A Company day and night working produced electricity to consumer.

The Hesco Circle in which near areas of distribution electricity supply.

Operation CircleDivisionSub-Division
Hesco Region1569

Hesco Duplicate Bill:

The information of Hesco duplicate Bill finding very easy. Click the Link Button and visit the Bill. pitc website the real 100% original sources of Hesco Records. Find your bill in which Reference number and filling the forum which 14 digits reference number. The search Button Click and wait it some finding your previous month bill will be show. Your needs will be download and Print it.

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Hesco New Connection:

We at onlinebillexpert.com provide information of Hesco New Connection by Apply online . The no visit Hesco office and time wasting. First of all your Near Electricity distribution company name, sub division name, near neighbor reference number to all information collects. The different types of connections are available in here.

If you you use home electricity to ‘ Load 0 to 15KW’ . The connection type Domestic (home) , Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture, Tub Ewell, Temporary, General Services, Electrifications Colonies, Street Light, Corporates Company.

For Documents need to submit in application.

  1. Property Documents Photo Copies.
  2. Attested Cnic Copies of Application.
  3. Attested CNIC copy of witness.
  4. Neighbor Electricity Bill Copy.
  5. Wiring Contractor’s Test Report.

Hesco Complaints Number:

  1. Hesco Federal Complaints Number : 03372192748, 03372192749, 03372192750 .
  2. 118 Hesco Helpline : 03372192751, 033372192752, 03372192753 .

Hesco App:

The 100% original and official sources. The Hesco Light app in which fully details information of this app. The Concept is simple use the website feathers in app. Load Management, Register CNIC, Lodge Complaints, Track Complaints, Duplicate Bill, Billing information, Online New Connection, Bill Estimator.

Hesco Helpline:

Hesco Helpline number is 118.

A HESCO Headquarter WAPDA Complex, Hussain Abad Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan
Telephone: (+92)22-9260161

Email Address: [email protected]


The Hesco Online Bill providing information of onlinebillexpert.com . The Hesco bill finding show of forum put your Reference number and generate the latest Hesco bill. The more information Hesco Circle, Hesco Duplicate Bill, Hesco Apps, Hesco Complaint Number, Hesco Helpline, Hesco FAQs, Hesco New Connection.


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