Fesco Online Bill Check Latest Download 2023

Fesco Online Bill 2024 – Check Latest Bills Fast

We at onlinebillexpert.com the information of Mepco Bill. The Fasco Online Bill 2024 – Check Latest Bills Fast, Faisalabad Power distribution Company. Fesco is license of (NEPRA) is National Electric Power Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. Fesco Bill start foundation of 1997. The company employer 3000. The CEO of company Mujahid Islam Billah the 2017 is continue.

Fesco Online Bill Check Latest Download 2023
Fesco Online Bill Check Latest Download 2023

Fesco Online Bill Check :

The Fesco online bill check in which the official website link button here. Click the button to visit website and filling the reference number of forum and submit. Your Latest Fesco bill will be display her. You can easily download and print it free.

Fesco About:

A Fesco is Electricity Supply and distribution company. Fesco 4.96 million customer in our territory. The Licence of under NEPRA. The Fesco under area of districts working on, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khusab, Jhung, Bhakhar, Toba Tek Singh, and Chiniot. Fesco is starting the foundation of 1997. The company under a government setup. Fesco main headquarter in Punjab Faisalabad. The big industrial area of Textile in Pakistan.

The CEO of FESCO Engineer Bashir Ahmed. The company is working employ 3000. FESCO is 2022 revenue is US$2.7 billion.

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FESCO Bill Taxes :

A Fesco company billing taxes information which Meter Rent, Service Rent, FC Surcharge, Deferred Amount, QTR Tariff Adj/ DMC.

Meter Rent: The company give a meter to use electricity. One time Meter payment will revived, And again, again every month the name of meter rent will be charged.

Service Rent: More one time Meter service rent charges.

FC Surcharge: FC mean Financing charges 43 Pisa per unit charges of consumer paying.

Deferred Amount: Deferred Amount the actually bill amount you can pay some showing dates. Under dates paying to actual amount. Other side billing date to over to due charges will be add charges.

QTR Tariff Adj/ DMC : The bill under the quarter adjustment after three month some Burns oil fossils charges.

Government Charges: Some Know of Government charges will show, FPA, TR Surcharge, L.P Surcharge,T.V, GST.

FPA: The FPA means Fuel Price Adjustment. After billing some time will be quarterly adjust to croud oil.

T.R. Surcharge: The Tariff Rationalize Surcharge. The NEPRA Charges of Government.

L.P.Surcharge: The L.P.Surcharge is payment after due date will be extra charge is L.P.Surcharge.

T.V: The very simple T.V Charge is Television Watching Charges.

GST: The Government Sales Taxes to name of GST.

FESCO Helpline:

You need to help Fesco for free contact number for below.

UAN NO. 0800 66554

Phone Number: +92 (41) 9220184-9220229


The Fesco Online Bill Check 2024 Download Duplicate Copy of Provieding information of onlinebillexpert.com . The more information of Fesco About, Fesco Bill Taxes, Fesco Helpline, Fesco Faqs.


The Fesco Load Shedding Schedule today detail information. How to watch your Fesco near area of load shedding updates. The system in which different feeders working on districts of Faisalabad and more near area of under working of Fesco Bill. Every few kilometers after feeder will be change. It is difficult to access right reference number of area of load shedding. Two ways of discuses this problem to face.

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