Lesco New Connection

Lesco New Connection

On OnlineBillExpert.com, the information is Lesco New Connection. The Lesco New Meter connection is required for a new meter using electricity for home use, commercial use, or industrial use. They have many types of Lesco New Meter connections. The New Connection application system is now available online.

Lesco New Connection

Lesco, New Connection:

The Lesco New Connection for Meter needs of Electricity supply. The Lesc have documents needed for a new connection. First of all, the national ID card, property documents, and near-neighborhood electricity bill. The type of connection must be domestic, commercial, industrial, or any type of need. If your new meter is commercial or industrial, you need more Lesco stuff in your mind.

Lesco New Meter Connection Types:

The Lesco New Meter Connection types are classified into 2 types. Load Type, Connection Type.

Load Types:

  1. Load Up to 15 KW
  2. Load above to 15 KW
  3. Load above to 70 KW
  4. Load above to 500KW
  5. All Load 66 KV and above

Connection Types:

The connection types are shown in the list below.

  1. Domestic
  2. Agriculture
  3. General services
  4. Commercial
  5. Tubewell
  6. Electrification colonies
  7. Industrial
  8. Temporary
  9. Street Light
  10. Corporate Company

Lesco New Connection Status Check:

The Lesco New Connection Status Checking in details information. The application status will be massaged at every stage, and information will be automated. Written in Case ID No., the message was forwarded to 118 SMS. Your Application Status will show of Information with details. The More option Email, enter, write to Case ID No., and send to [email protected]. It will take a short time to receive an email with details about the application of the new meter connection status.

Lesco New Connection Demand Notice Print:

After a few minutes of waiting for application submission, your process will be completed. To visit the official enc.com.pk website, enter your case number and CNIC number, fill out the form, and press the search button. Your Demand Notice copy will show off. Printed and paid to the concerned bank; after payment, the slip will be received and uploaded to the enc.com.pk website.


We at onlinebillexpert.com have the information on Lesco New Connection. in detail discussed in the New Meter Application Process with the attached button. Load types and connection types are described in detail for the new connection. If anyone wants to make this connection, enter the forum filling of enc.com.pk. details and add some documents as per the connection type requirements. All documents are subject to a copy scan and submission. A few weeks later, your DOCOMENTS check procedure was completed at enc.com.pk to print out the demand notice copy. The requirements are submitted to the concerned banks for payment of the demand notice. After the bank slip is copied to the enc.com.pk website, a demand notice will be submitted. A few times later, your new meter will be received, and wires will be purchased to connect the meter to electricity.


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