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The company has a very large distribution setup in an 8-circle area in south Punjab, Pakistan. The holding license of NAPRA is in the government tax system of Pakistan.

Mepco Online Bill:

The Mepco Bill enter 14 digits reference number.

  1. Your Mepco bill, with the reference number in the upper images, shows a red box.
  2. Put the reference number in the upper box and generate your Mepco bill.
Mepco Online Bill Free Download 2024
Mepco Online Bill Free Download 2024

A Mepco Introduction:-

The MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company), whose older name is (Multan Power Supply Company,”. Pepco (Pakistan Electric Power Company) is a parent company. This company is the distributor of electricity. Huge distribution network of electricity for the public in 13 administrative districts of South Punjab. This network has 34 million people to distribute electricity. This company generates hydroelectric power. MEPCO is a license holder of the NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority).

Mepco is 3 Province and 5 distribution company of Pakistan, Fort Munro for QESCO (Balochastain) , Saidqa bad for HESCO (Sindh), Wahoa for PESCO (KPK), Bakhar for FESCO, Sahiwal for LESCO, Munjan Abad in Bhawal Nagar touching of India border.

Mepco Online Bill Download Duplicate Copy
The Mepco Online Bill Download Duplicate Copy

Under the holding area of 8 operation areas, which are MultanSahiwalBahawalpurBahawalnagarMuzaffargarhDera Ghazi KhanKhanewalRahim Yar khan and Vehari.

Mepco Billing Information:

We at onlinebillexpert.com will provide a quick bill to see your MPCO bill. The mepco bill see your fill bill watch. The meter reading date, bill issue date, and bill payment amount after the due date were added to the surcharge.

If you want to see your old bill status, does it mean the old bill was paid or not? You can easily see your old bill payment details. A side bar will be added, and the next bill will be shown. The billing information section allows you to easily see your 12-month-old’s bill data and comparisons of other-month bills, units, and payment history.

The Mepco Bill Online Check:

Mepco Bill Online Check the urgent status of your electricity data. This is busy life in the best way of online information, according to my blog, OnlineBillExpert.Com of mepco. To generate the most recent bill, just enter a 14-digit reference number. After that, you can download and print it.

Mepco Consumer Bill:

The Mepco Consumer Bill, which shows the bill for using electricity, generates the Mepco bill. The customer applying for electricity for home and business needs some documents and the CNIC of the customer. Mepco staff will proceed with account creation. The next staff member will issue a consumer ID, a reference number, and a meter.

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Mepco Duplicate Bill:

Your Mepco Duplicate Bill is a problem for the solution of the consumer bill. When a customer’s bill is past due or almost due, Mepco mails it to their residential address. Actually, consumers of Mepco duplicate bills through the website of my blog, OnlineBillExpert.Com.

Mepco Electricity Bill:

Mepco Electricity Bill Every consumer needs an electricity bill for their electricity use. The electricity is used in the units. The consumer consumes more units, plus government taxes. The peak time and off-peak focusing on electricity use bill payments will be down.

Mepco Bill Online Check Multan:

Mepco Bill Check Multan in consumer home town Multan. The consumer searches for our bill in Multan. If you are near Multan or have no issues checking online bills all over the world through the internet, visit onlinebillexpert.com Click on the blog to easily find the Mepco bill online.

Wapda Bill Online Check Mepco:

Wapda Bill Online Check Mepco or Wapda, is a hydropower company. Customers then demand electricity in order to produce Wapda. The Wapda is a huge system for generating electricity all over Pakistan. Wapda is under the control of the government of Pakistan.

Mepco Bill Check by Cnic:

Mepco Bill check by cnic, If the consumer has no available bill reference number,. The visit onlinebillexpert.com, Put your CNIC into the web address and click the search button. Your bill will be displayed.

Mepco Utility Bill:

Mepco Utility Bill is a Mepco electricity bill. The consumer uses electricity at home and in business as needed. The mepco is a power distribution company in Multan. Mepco is an 8-circle area of South Punjab covered.

Mepco Reference No.

The Mepco Reference No. in which use of mepco bill term of reference no. Bill finding mepco website to identification of bill data use of reference no. The main focus of mepco staff is to have every person check the bill of reference number. And Bill will be paid through the reference number.

Mepco Peak Hours:

Mepco recommends that consumers have low electricity consumption. The peak hours will be affected because your electricity bill is down. The electricity is causing high congestion in all areas. The strong recommendation of Mepco Peak Hours electricity is low value for every consumer.

The main problem is that in all commercial cities, evenings are used for high electricity use in shops in commercial bazaars. The feeder is running normal loads. The peak hours of electricity demand are high in bazaars. The feeder will be tripping, and electricity will be cut off. Show the peak time below.

March to May6pm to 10pm
June to August7pm to 11pm
September to November6pm to 10pm
December to February5pm to 9pm

Mepco Peak Hours

Mepco Bill in Taxes:

The most common and major taxes in every Mepco Bill.


The FPA Fuel Price Adjustments: The Rental Power Company consumed crude oil and fuel for electricity production. The fuel price will be affected by the Mepco Bill up and down rate for crude oil, and the bill will be up and down.

TR Surcharge:

The name of Tariff rationalization The average surcharge rate of 1.02 per unit indicated a reduction in overpowering the subsidy.

FC Surcharge:

FC, Finance Cost decided 43 paisa per unit FC Surcharge.

Deferred Amount:

The electricity bill payment for this month is over. There are no late payment charges; the next installment may be charged for payment.

QTR Tariff Adjustment/ DMC:

The QTR Tariff Adjustment Bill is paid after three months over the sum of previous QTR charges.


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The Mepco intrusion into Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO). The Mepco Finding and more bill details checking in the latest bill will be shown in Meter Reading: Bill Units, Bill Date Issues, Bill Paying Date, and Bill Due Date of Paying Over Charges.

Your old bill details information about bill units and old bill payments, and the old bill will be paid or not paid. Show all the information in the bill section.

The bill checks the 14 digits of the reference number, fills in the four digits, and generates the bill. The Mepco utility bill is the public electricity bill of the distribution company Mepco. A Mepco bill check by CNIC number: yes, you have checked onlinebillexpert.com.

The mepco Duplicate bill is online Check and download the duplicate bill easily visit onlinebillexpert.com

The Mepco Peak Hours advise low electricity use for consumer’s. In the evening, electricity demand will increase in city areas that consume Bazaar lights. The mepco recommends consumers in peak hours of low electricity use after helping to continuously run electricity.

Mepco Bill Taxes are mostly common: FPA, TR Surcharge, FC Surcharge, Deferred Amount, and QTR Tariff Adjustment. The Mepco Bill Calculator for Consumed Units, tariff rates, and the involvement of government taxes in tariff rates are increasing. The Mepco Complaints Registration System is an online issue recording system. The regulation complaints are online issues tracked by Tracking ID and under the control of NEPRA.