Pesco bill Calculator

Pesco Bill Calculator

Pesco Bill Calculator

Lesco Electricity Bill Details

Number of Units Consumed: 0.00

Cost of Units: Rs. 0.00

Electricity Duty: Rs. 0.00

GST per unit: Rs. 0.00

T.V Fee: Rs. 0.00

FC Surcharge per unit: Rs. 0.00

AQTA Q-Trf Adj per unit: Rs. 0.00

L.P Surcharge: Rs. 0.00

Amount Payable (Due Date): Rs. 0.00

Amount Payable (After Due Date): Rs. 0.00

We at the information about the Pesco Bill Calculator. The Pesco Online Bill Calculator is an idea of the estimated Pesco. This includes all Taxes in government and NEPRA. The only Refile estimated to Pesco Bill. The only Tariff rate that Pesco updates. The Bill calculator is showing that to enter your ideas of monthly consumption bill, write a bill.

Pesco Bill Calculator
Pesco bill Calculated

Pesco Bill Calculator:

The Pesco Bill Calculator is the estimated Pesco bill checking to ideas, the your upcoming month bill estimated to advance seeing the results. The bill check-to-mater reading of this month into (-), the previous month reading to answer of this month’s electricity units. This unit to estimate to bill checking to enter your units number and check button press, show the results in included to all taxes of bill is ideas of Refile be thoughts to near by.

Pesco Online Bill Calculator:

The online bill calculator in Peshawar is checking the Wapda under the control of the government of NEPRA. The online bill checking to show of calculator is online, Consumer to easy to approach of Bill Calculator. The help of the user to search online bill calculators to show the bill calculator of the user and search engine.

Pesco Unit Price 2024:

The Pesco Bill in Unit Price of Pakistan in 2024 is ideas of RS. 24.32 to 30 PKR. The estimated Pesco unit price in 2024.


The information provider at is Pesco Bill Calculator. The bill calculator shows that by checking the online entries, the current units consumed by the pesco bill are entered, and all are included in the taxes of the pesco government of NEPRA. The show of your upcoming monthly bill is estimated. Right now, your bill will be near the above. The online bill calculator is provided for consumer requirements in Peshawar. For more information on the Pesco Online Bill check out the Duplicate Bill of Download Copy in the areas of Peshawar.


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