Mepco Net Metering

Mepco Net Metering | Application Process

Mepco Net Metering Actually working with the new technology of solar systems to generate power for electricity to forward Mepco distribution grid station. Pakistan’s high-performance solar system produces electricity. Just 2% of Pakistan’s electricity is generated by solar energy; the other 70% is generated by burning fossil fuels like oil. Slowly working in Pakistan to improve the generation of electricity from solar power.

Most people use solar systems in tribal areas and villages without paying electricity bills. One-time investment in solar life: 25 years. And rich people to setup our home and farmhouse to setup solar power from 5 kwh to 10 kwh over 20 kwh to the rooftop and produce electricity for the sale of the distribution grid. It is Mepco Net Metering.

Mepco Net Metering
Mepco Net Metering

ONLINEBILLEXPERT.COM will provide different solution’s for mepco here. The Mepco bill checks the reference number of the consumer. A Mepco New Connection will have online and offline documentation, if necessary. The Mepco Bill Calculator will provide an estimate of the consumer’s bill for this month. If Mepco Mis, Mepco in which defaulter personality data will be collected in disco staff. Some Mepco complaints offices in which consumers have electricity problems face complaints.

Mepco Net Metering Working:

Mepco Net Metering Working Ideas. An inverter uses a DC to AC circuit process to convert solar energy into dc current. Manual Switch, Uni-directional Meter in KWH. AC discount switch, surge protection device, and AC distribution box. Consumer distribution panel and consumer service connection to the main switch. AC bi-directional meter in the KWH-to-distribution network (DISCO’s grid).

Solar Net Metering Information:

Any one person will apply for solar net metering in Pakistan. Only on condition is Mepco net metering policy NAPRA Policy will be criteria of eligible must requirement.

Mepco Net Metering Application Process:

  • Mepco Net Metering in the first stage of the visit to the near Mepco distribution office (disco office). Ask for directions and applications for required paper work Acknowledge must.
  • The next step is documents, applications, and work reports, all of which are submitted to the disco office. Disco Office: 7 working days, some missing documents or some error documents are required, and final submission of the right documents is required.
  • If your application will take under 20 working days for reviews and the eligibility of criteria for full filaments or not,. NAPRA policy criteria for being eligible or not.
  • If your application is not eligible for NAPRA rules, Disco staff will be a strong reason why your application will be refused.

Agreements and Licence:

If your application was approved for net metering, Disco staff will send a copy of the signed agreements to the consumer within 10 working days, along with the agreement to forward the NEPRA for a license.

After getting a license from NEPRA, Disco staff needs system upgrades. The system must be upgraded to the connection charge estimate (CCE) recommended.

Connection charges Estimate:

After 20 days, the application will deposit the payment of the CCE for disco, identify the bank, and inform the office. After payment, it will be okay with the NEPRA license issue, and your connection will be live in about 30 days.


The Mepco Net Metering Application Process for providing The more information about net metering: who works, solar net metering information, net metering application process, agreements and licenses, connection charges estimate, and FAQs.


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