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Welcome to my blog, ONLINEBILLEXPERT.COM. The MEPCO New Connection for detail information visit to . If you have a required Mepco new connection application for your new house satellite for household connection, there is no available electricity. The second type of commercial connection for your shop, business, or industry is required for electricity.

The company provides two types of new connection solutions. First way online, visit the company web address,, and read the details here. The second option is to visit the Mepco office in your nearby city and any struggling Mepco offices.

Mepco application is working for seniority. Example: First, Second, Third, Four, and Five Numbers Your application is 5 Numbers. The first four application processes and your number five application processing.

Mepco Bill is the best source on the web for a duplicate copy of your bill. More Your estimated bill idea for the Mepco Bill Calculator. Some Mepco have a Complaint Mepco Complaint here.

Mepco New Connection Online Apply

The consumer demand for our household / Commercial Mepco New Connection Online, apply for the Mepco official website visit. Follow the very detailed process for online application on your desktop, laptop, and mobile. You can do everything possible here. Online Apply

Mepco New Connection
Mepco New Connection
Mepco New Connection Online: Apply at
Select the “Apply” forum.
Subdivision Information:
Filling the Information “Distribution Company Name”
Load “Category type”
Area of “Sub Division”
Neighbor’s Reference Number
Connection three type, in which select your type:
1 = Domestic, Agriculture, and General Services.
2 = Commercial, Tube Well, and Electrification (Colonies).
3: Industrial, Temporary, Street Light, and Corporate Company.
Applicant’s Particulars:
Application Status: Owner / Rental
Application Name and Father Name / Husband Name
Citizenship: Pakistani / Foreigner
Present Address:
Mobile No.
Contact Information:
Contact Person Name:
Present Address:
Mobile No.:
Relationship with Application:
Premises Detail:
No. of meters already installed:
Minimum Load: 1KWH
Premises Address:
Add another file in which:
1. Property Document Copy in the file and upload the PDF/JPG.
2. Attested CNIC Copy of Application in File Upload JPG/PDF.
3. Attested CNIC Copy of Witness in File Upload JPG/PDF.
4. Neighbor Electricity Bill Copy in the file and upload JPG/PDF.
5. Wiring Contractor’s Test Report in File Upload JPG/PDF.
Finally, work for the Mepco New Connection Application “Terms and Conditions” must read them. And check the “I Agree” button, then submit the forum.

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Mepco’s New Connection:

  • Mepco Application Fourm are urdu and english launge available at Online Mepco Website and near mepco office are free here.
  • Application forum: three copies available.
  • Consumer and wittiness of tariff signature copy here.(For single-phase domestic and commercial wittiness, no signature is needed.
  • Ownership Registration (Registry, Allotment, Original Men) (House colony case) All document are 17 Scale Gazetted Officer Attested.
  • Application Person Undertaking for Already Connection Excite Place. If any old connection will be used next time and some payment is due due to the old connection,. The application person gives a stamp paper signature.
  • Property in one of more than one owner in case the application person shows the authorization letter in a stamp paper signature.
  • Application person as rented to the authorization letter owner stamp paper signature.
  • Application Person National ID Card Attested Photo Copy.
  • Two Witnesses CNIC Attested Photocopies.

Industrialist Application Extra Documentation:

The Company Name Registration One owner and another ‘Owner’ in a power of attorney. That company application follows, and in addition, the distribution company has agreements.

Application Person in place of connection and application of map.

  1. Limited or Private Limited in the case of an incorporation certificate.
  2. All members are directed to provide complete addresses and CNIC-attested photocopies.
  3. According to 29 forums, all directors of the company paid ‘NOC‘ signatures.
  4. Security and Exchange Commission by the release of ‘charge creation certificate’,the value of security and amount of equal.

Only Change Name and Voltage Up/DDown Extra Docoments:

Clearness Certificate of Assigning Renew Officer and Consumer will all money will be clear.

The assigned electrical inspector wiring test report is okay.

Category 1 to 3: New Connection Days

  1. Category 1: in which case of 1 to 15 kwh connection detail in how many days to approximate to connection was successfully installation complete? Approximated 30 days, or more.
  2. Which second category’s installation was successfully finished when the connection was roughly 16 to 70 kwh or 400 volts? It is possible that the roughly 44 days are longer.
  3. Thirsted Category: in which case of 71 to 500 kwh / 400 volts approximate how many times connections have been successfully installed here? The approximate 73 days may be more than exceeded.

Mepco New Connection Print Demand Notice:

The demand notice is basically a slip of the Mepco New Connection. Your submission of your application documents is okay. Then Mepco returns the demand notice for the meter. The demand notice is a verification of the document. The Mepco New Connection print demand notice fee is 5,000.

Demand notice upper mention of bank company name to pay 5,000 in bank. Give a demand notice slip and 5000 to both bank managers for payment was sent to MPCO accounts.Then, after some time, wait for seniority, base your meter, and give your hand.Happy electricity life!


The Mepco New Connection is applied by online information from The new connection, in which industrialist applications change name and voltage up and down, is Catogory 1 to 3. Demand Notice, Print, and Faqs.


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